Meet the Team.

The eTukTuk team is a dedicated collective of professionals who have set out together on a journey to bring sustainable transportation to the people that need it most.

Sukhjeevan Uppal CTO

Sukhjeevan Uppal


Sukhjeevan has spent 15+ years delivering innovative tech infrastructure for multinationals in the automotive, financial, logistics, and utilities industries; leading start-ups to market.

Previous clients have included: AstraZeneca, Centrica, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds of London, and Toyota.

Dr. Jason Ridgway-Taylor

Chief Blockchain Officer

Jason is a seasoned engineer, architect and Plutus Pioneer. He holds a degree in Astrophysics and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics and also spent 10+ years in investment banking.

He moved on to payments infra and big data analytics, before finding a home on the blockchain. His main areas of expertise are Cardano, Solana and Tezos.

Craig Mcnerlin


Craig has over 25 years professional experience working with international businesses, delivering exceptional results from a sales, marketing and operational perspective. Starting his career with Ernst and Young in the UK, he has worked across Europe and North America with the likes of Yell, Michelin, Sainsbury’s, ITV, Google, and Facebook.

Having delivered multi-million dollar results across many projects, he now works with a highly skilled team who deliver exceptional results through a detailed and personal user experience.

Seth Ward CIO

Seth Ward


Seth has 25+ years' tech start-up and consultancy experience. He has built digital businesses and payment solutions for SMEs and corporations, including AOL, Universal, and Vodafone.

His skill set combines programming and business, giving insight into the potential for tech to solve problems, and how to deliver and market these solutions.

James Bowater Strategic Advisor

James Bowater

Strategic Advisor

James is the Founder of Crypto AM and Jade Vault. He is a highly respected advisor and investor who is working with some of the strongest projects both in Web3 and in the Cardano ecosystem.

These include: Acta Finance, Boson Protocol, DEGA, Coinweb, Cornucopias, CUDOS, KamPay, MELD, Minutes Network, Q9 capital, SEKAI, Sheesha Finance, and World Mobile.

George Cox


George has 15+ years’ experience driving innovation and building relationships for some of the largest companies in the world. He has also held leadership positions with Google and Global, after shaping his career at BT, as well as being a core team member behind the biggest raise of 2021.

Vincent Boon

Vincent Boon

Head of Community

In the last 20+ years, Vincent has driven the development of customer communities for brands like Eidos, Sony Computer Entertainment, and giffgaff to name a few.

He leverages customer power to support businesses with faster development and excellent customer support, ensuring they are involved in everything from design to sales, with the end goal of creating community-driven business models.

Richard Ellis Head of Paid Media

Richard Ellis

Head of Paid Media

Richard has 16+ years’ experience planning and implementing successful advertising and awareness campaigns, including World Mobile’s $40 million raise.

He has also managed campaigns for Mercedes Benz, Skoda, Volkswagen Group and Renault; including the launch of their first electric car, the Zoe.

Michael Taylor Web & App Developer

Michael Taylor

Web & App Developer

Michael has over 13 years' experience in the web industry and has a strong background in a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, CSS, PHP, React and Flutter.

He has extensive experience working with large projects and teams.

Mohit Ahuja Head of Social Media

Mohit Ahuja

Head of Social Media

Over the past 8 years, Mohit has led sales, strategy & marketing initiatives at some of the biggest names in the Indian startup industry, including Zomato, which went public at a $12B valuation last year, and

His vast experience with launching internet products in international markets is what he leverages when consulting startups in the web3 & blockchain industry.

Jordan Blakesley

Head of Brand

Jordan is a seasoned professional with 25+ years’ experience in Branding. His extensive clientele has spanned a multitude of start ups, as well as some of the largest corporations across the globe.

Clients have included: VW Group, Pfizer, Bayer, Diageo, Akzo Nobel, John Lewis Partnership, Sainsbury’s, and many more.

Lauren Meek Head of Content

Lauren Meek

Head of Content

Lauren has 15+ years of experience as a copywriter for businesses in the UK and abroad and is deeply passionate about content planning and strategy.

She has worked for 10+ years in International Sales and Marketing and has a proven track record across a range of industries. Lauren has also worked as a journalist for the AAP.

Gino Ludikhuyze Community Advisor

Gino Ludikhuyze

Community Advisor

Gino is a Founder of Defiants; a highly regarded community management agency that has been connecting DeFi startups and their supporters since 2020.

His passion lies in catalysing the adoption of decentralised business and finance. Over the past 12 years, he has been active in numerous grassroots and tech startups; developing and scaling businesses across various industries.

Eunice Hepzibah Content Creator

Eunice Hepzibah

Content Creator

Eunice is a brand strategist & designer who has worked with various startups, social media influencers & traditional businesses giving the right direction to their brand, identity & messaging.

From websites, pitch decks, and social media graphics to packages and billboards, when it comes to holistic visual design, she has been doing it all for 6+ years.

Our Partners

Founded in 2015, Wachsman is a leading global strategy and communications firm advising the next generation in Web3, disruptive technologies, fintech and venture capital. With offices across the globe in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C, London, Dublin, Geneva, and Singapore, Wachsman has established its position as a trusted advisor to some of the most innovative companies around the world.

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