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It All Starts With a Charge.

eTukTuk – Electric Ambition

It all starts with a charge. eTukTuk is setting out across the globe to empower communities across developing countries. With the solution to deadly air pollution, our electric TukTuk is charging ahead with the power to reshape economies. But not only that, it will keep countries moving, providing clean, safe, and fair transportation powered by blockchain. 

It’s Simply Unacceptable

The truth is hard to take: 99% of the world’s population is breathing polluted air. That’s over 7.82 billion people who breathe toxic CO2 emissions, daily. A total of 2 billion people across the globe are at serious risk right now from toxic air pollution. The most devastating part is that the hardest hit, are those in developing countries. The facts are shocking. In South Asia and Africa, for example, there are over 3 billion people. 45-50% of whom live in densely populated urban cities, where poor air quality has life-shortening effects.

This is simply unacceptable. 

Economic Struggles That Compound Environmental Issues

The developing world is in a perpetual struggle to catch up to developed nations, and there is a major contributor that heightens the problem: poor air quality. This is due to mass transportation; specifically, traditional fossil fuel-powered TukTuks. These are highly popular vehicles for both tourists and communities. Yet, TukTuks are one of the world’s biggest polluters, emitting more toxic CO2 than a passenger car! 

Finding a Solution That Works for All

The UN’s prediction is that the use of two- and three-wheeler vehicles will rise to 90% in developing countries by 2050 – an unsettling statistic considering the damage these functional vehicles inflict on the environment. This means a rise from 270 million currently, to 400 million globally, with the highest concentration found in developing countries.

Billions of people live unhealthy, shortened lives – affected by deadly carbon emissions, with little to no economic freedom to do anything to get themselves out of the situation. But clean transportation is a fundamental human right. Our health is wealth. It all starts with a charge. That’s why eTukTuk is charging ahead with the power to clean up air pollution for good. Our network of charging stations and proprietary eTukTuk electric vehicles are here to rEVolutionise transportation as we know it.

The time is now. Modernisation begins with an electric charge, and it all starts with the infrastructure that will power the charge. We are ready to help developing countries make the switch to a fairer, healthier tomorrow; not just for those in developing countries, but for everyone across the globe, who will benefit from cleaner air. Developing a solution that puts people first is not just important – it’s essential for our global health, economy, and rights as humans.

Why hasn’t this been done before? 

It’s simple. Organisations have failed to go the distance, thanks to costly changes needed in local infrastructure, as well as the lack of equitable and transparent solutions for corporations, whose focus on profit shies away from sustainable alternatives to global problems. 

However, these organisations can’t do this alone. Nations need a swift outcome that is effective. To provide this, we need to power the change together. With eTukTuk’s blockchain solution built on Cardano, we can affect real-world change in the places that need it most. This unique solution is for everyone. We all deserve the freedom of clean air, health, stability, and the chance to succeed.

An eSolution Like No Other

If the 90% of fossil fuel-powered three-wheeler vehicles swap for sustainable electric vehicles (EVs), we can therefore reduce carbon emissions by 11 billion tons by 2050 – an almost 30% reduction on today’s emissions. (UN Environment Programme). This is a powerful change that has the potential to shape the future of transportation as we know it.

Unlike other electric vehicle providers, our ecosystem is built on blockchain technology, connecting people around the globe to local economies. Our vision is to empower real innovation that has the potential to save our planet from the devastating impact of CO2. As we begin to overhaul mass transportation, our network will scale with the power to provide the charge that will reshape the future of transport. 

It all starts with a charge. Our eTukTuks are powered by electricity; charged by drivers at ubiquitous charging stations in developing cities. Each eTukTuk is designed to be everything that most TukTuks on the roads currently are not. They are:

  • Safe – the roll cage design makes it just as sturdy on impact as a passenger car.
  • Clean – charged by electricity, the eTukTuk will emit ZERO CO2, leaving only clean air in its wake.
  • Fair – drivers will have more time to earn, whilst paying less for fuel, as well as much reduced maintenance costs – the Fairer Fare.

Giving Power Back to Communities

At eTukTuk, we believe that the power should be given back to communities who deserve modern electric innovation to solve environmental and economic issues that clean up our global carbon emissions for good. With our specially designed ecosystem, we can help developing communities, together. The installation of charging stations throughout cities will break the tie that binds us to fossil fuels; helping us eliminate the carbon emissions that have cities in a chokehold.

This has the potential to benefit all; not just those who make the switch to an eTukTuk vehicle.

Right now, cities in the developing world don’t have the opportunities that are often taken for granted in developed countries. With poor infrastructure and no technology for change, these communities are lagging behind, and their carbon footprint is growing larger by the day.

eTukTuk will make lives better by providing clean, safe, and fair transportation charged at our charging stations. this will provide a reduction of up to 75% less than the cost of fossil fuels. Additionally, with less time spent overall recharging, drivers have more time to earn more money from fares. This has the potential to help them increase their take-home pay.

Going Further to Solve Global Issues, Together

If we don’t solve these problems together now, we will all face catastrophic consequences in the future. At this point, air quality is set to worsen as more fossil fuel vehicles emerge. With eTukTuk, the power for change is here – accesible for all. eTukTuk brings innovation in energy solutions to millions of people left in the smog of yesteryear, whilst also providing the technology to help them change their own lives.

Financial disparity is also a major cause of stagnation for low- to middle-income countries. Today, 1.4 billion adults across the globe are unbanked. eTukTuk is on a mission to give adopters of the ecosystem a digital identity. This will open the door to financial freedoms that are barred for so many.  

It All Starts with a Charge

The eTukTuk ecosystem will not only benefit the environment, but the drivers themselves, who will enjoy financial stability and freedom. Our ecosystem is designed to make the switch to eTukTuk seamless for drivers who adopt the system. Therefore, the transition to EVs will be much smoother. It will also help to boost economies and the reliance on the eTukTuk solution we provide. 

eTukTuk will go that extra mile, going where others could not. To join us on our mission will mean choosing to be part of a fairer, sustainable solution. We seek to boost the quality of life for millions of people who, right now, do not have access to equitable and clean transportation solutions. We can achieve some of our planet’s biggest injustices together, as a community.

eTukTuk – #itstartswithacharge

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