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Sri Lankan Elephants - Together

New Advisors Join eTukTuk’s Journey In Sri Lanka

Executives from Capital Maharaja Group, InnoSolve Lanka, and SLACMA join eTukTuk’s Advisory Board, bringing decades of knowledge to further development ahead of launch in Sri Lanka in 2023.

eTukTuk’s unique ecosystem (the first automotive project of its kind: learn more HERE) is gathering pace as we head towards our launch in Sri Lanka later this year, with the appointment of new esteemed Advisors who will work alongside our Board of Advisors (Meet the team).

Sheran Fernando, Co-Founder of Innosolve Lanka; and Dimantha Jayawardena, President of SLACMA, the Sri Lankan Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, will work alongside eTukTuk to propel its seamless integration into the country in the coming months. 

Having recently announced our partnership with the Capital Maharaja Group, it is also our privilege to announce that Niro Cooke, Director on the Main Board at CMG, will also be working with eTukTuk in an Advisory capacity. 

The Advisors’ extensive professional experience across multiple disciplines and industries (which includes the development of large-scale government infrastructure and energy projects, the formulation of mobility policy in Sri Lanka, and within the highest levels of government), will allow eTukTuk to gain insight into the needs of the transportation system within the region.

All three Advisors will be responsible for working directly with eTukTuk as we continue to develop our sustainable and accessible network of charging stations and electric vehicles within urban and suburban areas of Sri Lanka.

Redefining Transport Together

Niro Cooke will provide the team with knowledge on how to navigate Sri Lanka’s current electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Cooke said: “eTukTuk is redefining transportation in the developing world. Creating incentives for people to make the switch from Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) to EVs is the next step in achieving wide-scale EV adoption. At Capital Maharaja, we believe in having the courage to be different; working with a company like eTukTuk which shares this ethos aligns well with our values.” 

Sheran Fernando, Co-Founder of InnoSolve, will bring vast expertise in the digitalisation of mobility and will provide a distinguished voice in the formulation of mobility policy in Sri Lanka. Commenting on his appointment, Fernando said: “Having worked in both the mobility and sustainability industry for many years, I’m looking forward to bringing my knowledge of the local transport sector to eTukTuk as it rolls out its sustainable and accessible transportation solution in Sri Lanka.”

Dimantha Jayawardena, President of SLACMA, the Sri Lankan Automotive Component Manufacturers Association, will support the team with his prior experience in navigating the Sri Lankan transport and manufacturing system. He will help us to develop the most effective ecosystem that is suited to Sri Lanka and the people who will use it every day. Jayawardena commented: “eTukTuk and I share a vision for Sri Lanka’s transport and manufacturing system and together, we’re committed to delivering the best transportation and manufacturing system possible to the drivers and users of TukTuks – and electric vehicles across the country. I believe this journey with the eTukTuk team will make a real difference to the transportation system as we know it.”

eTukTuk’s Chief Information Officer, Seth Ward said: “Cooke, Fernando, and Jayawardena’s participation in the development of eTukTuk will help contribute to the expansion of the project, and be of tremendous value to our team as we gear up to launch our network in Sri Lanka later this year.”

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