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Redefining Transportation with Blockchain.

eTukTuk is the world’s first blockchain transportation ecosystem designed with sustainability in mind. Our unique infrastructure and transportation successor have been carefully developed to reverse the pitfalls of the past, igniting a spark in revolutionary transportation that will be built for an efficient and mobilised future for us all.

Since the earliest epoch of the motor car when the first Model T rolled out the gates of the Ford factory in 1908, transportation has long transfixed mankind in an endless peregrination that has seen speed and time earnestly prioritised over sustainability and efficiency. From the first car to the SR-71 Lockheed Blackbird (the fastest plane to date), humanity has sought to better its predecessors in an endless race for superiority.

However, with every evolution of transportation, toxic air pollution and waste have become normalised, the most prevalent by-product of humanity’s advancement. From the horse and cart to the car, the faster and more frequently we seem to move, the more waste we create. 

Detrimental, above all, is our reliance on and consumption of fossil fuels, devoured with a ravenous hunger that is snowballing out of control. The global population is set to surpass 8 billion by the end of 2022. Fuel prices are soaring, as supply is interrupted globally. Many are left scrambling to find readily available modes of transportation that are often smaller, they are persuaded that size dictates affordability. Take the TukTuk, for example; a symbol of mobility and unity within developing countries, its size and manoeuvrability mean that it is popular within cities. Emitting more CO2 than a passenger car, however, these vehicles especially are adding to the global carbon emissions that are currently choking the planet.

99% of us are breathing polluted air (WHO, 2022), an affliction that many do not even realise, or that we choose to ignore. Capitalism is the driver behind the prioritisation of relentless, unsustainable, and highly polluting consumption of fuel that sees humanity eliminating the basic functions and natural resources that make our planet habitable.

So, it begs the question, why have sustainability and efficiency not been the focus? Innovation has risen in line with the invention and development of modern technology – the precursor to the modern era that has already seen our daily practices inexorably altered. However, the speed of our progression and its monopolisation has meant that carbon emissions have increased at a rate faster than predicted. And whilst many in the developed world have some access to modern, electric alternatives that may help reverse some pollution trends, the same cannot be said for those living in developing countries.

The age of Blockchain has only just begun. It is now within our power to enable the P2P economy to collectively tackle People-First projects, like eTukTuk. We have identified the problem, and now, together, we can not only fix outdated transportation infrastructure, but develop a new, equitable way for drivers to earn.  

The development of exceptional transportation infrastructure, particularly within cities, is a tricky minefield to navigate, proven more precarious when economic disparities are thrown into the mix, like in cities within developing countries. eTukTuk seeks to diminish the variables that make today’s transportation costly; not only financially, but spatially, and, more importantly, medically. 

Ineffective polluters like Internal Combustion Engine TukTuks that are traversing city streets across countries in South Asia and Africa, for example, need vast fuel stations, and a surplus of fuel and passengers with the capital to spend on transportation services. However, the carbon footprint stamped into urban landscapes across developing nations, only compounds the financial exclusivity – with cost being the biggest factor, followed by health and the lack of efficient infrastructure. With exponential population growth, a sustainable and reliable transportation network is not only desired, but it is also fundamental for the evolution of municipalities if they are to shed the ‘developing’ moniker and evolve.

Significant investment and capital expenditure are required throughout cities in developing countries to develop the infrastructure needed to provide capacity for mass transportation that will sustainably mobilise expanding populations. This will ensure that cities are liveable – not only for today, but for the future. However, low-income countries do not have the resources to develop the technology that will boost innovation and sustainability in the places that need it most. 

eTukTuk has been forged to ensure that this is all about to change. It is now time for us to step away from the endless convergence of hefty fuel consumption, financial disparity and ill health that denotes the scale of transportation networks globally. eTukTuk is utilising specially designed technology that will see the transportation sector flipped on its head. The rEVolution is coming, and it is bringing with it uniquely sustainable mobility that seeks to reverse the trends of the past. But why do we need such innovations and how are we going to achieve this when many before could not?

With design-thinking techniques that ensure our charging stations take up little square footage, as well as our unique zero-emissions vehicle that will significantly reduce air pollution on urban streets, transportation has a bright, cleaner, breathable future that will evolve with the needs of a people who sorely deserve innovation and the benefits that a fair system brings.

It is time for eTukTuk to redefine transportation. Blockchain allows us to go further and achieve more than any other. By utilising our collective abilities, we will be able to scale our sophisticated network quickly, efficiently, seamlessly, and affordably for pioneers who desire change. We will benefit from our affordable, domestically manufactured infrastructure.

Redefining transport isn’t just about getting people into EVs. It is about empowering people to take control of their businesses, their finances, and their lives to build a better and brighter existence that is equal across the globe. eTukTuk is changing the landscape of transportation deliberately to achieve smarter mobility, increased productivity, financial independence, and capabilities, as well as the betterment of health. Let us redefine transport, together. Let us expand our autonomous vehicle technology throughout developing countries. Let us put an end to carbon emissions from one of our planet’s biggest polluters. 

Above all, let us travel, sustainably.

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