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The image is of a girl with her back to us, staring off into the mountains as though staring off into the future. The rEVolution is coming.

The rEVolution is Coming!

The eTukTuk rEVolution is here.

It’s bringing with it the convergence of innovative electric solutions and the necessity of transportation. These are the two pillars of accessible, foundational infrastructure required to bring transformation throughout the world. eTukTuk is leading the charge with a scalable charging solution for urban cities in developing countries. The system advocates for the fundamental human right to clean air, and sustainable, fair transportation that significantly opens the doors to economic freedom. This is the rEVolution that so many need, today. 

 eTukTuk’s scalable network of charging stations has the potential to release efficiency in regions that need it most. We have the key to discovering economic value. By bringing mass transportation supply solutions, eTukTuk has the potential to empower lives and drive systemic carbon emissions off the face of our planet – for good. 

Lives are being affected.

2 billion people across developing countries right now, are facing the reality of life-shortening CO2 emissions that are undoubtedly poisoning their air. This is having a devastating impact globally. Developing countries are responsible for 63% of the total global carbon emissions. (www.cgdev.org.) This is thanks (in part) to archaic transport systems, where ageing vehicles that have long since been eliminated from developed countries are still widely in use. Furthermore, they pollute the air and grasp a tight hold on the economic opportunities of businesses and people. 

We have the option to finally address climate change urgencies with our electric solution. The eTukTuk ecosystem has the power to create growing wealth and cleaner air for all. Providing sustainability as a right for nations is our mission. eTukTuk’s rEVolution.


Furthermore, immediate action will make a difference for our planet and for our future. Most importantly, it will make a difference for our people. Our innovative solution is poised to mitigate ecological risks like carbon emissions. It will also implement adaptation that will address the devastating effects of climate change.  


This image contains an eTukTuk (blue and white) with the eTukTuk logo behind it.


rEVolution at the ready.

We are consequently on the verge of helping to restructure global economies and societies; providing a solution that benefits all. Our clean form of rEVolution is ready to touch down in cities of developing countries. It will bring sustainable and predominantly renewable charging hubs that will be placed strategically throughout the streets of cities. The system is designed to alleviate the pressure and cost for already pressured local people and owners of small transportation businesses. It means they no longer have to fill up their vehicles with expensive fossil fuels. This will allow anyone with an EV (Electric Vehicle) to literally take charge.

Additionally, our solution is not just rEVolution – it is EVolution. As tuk-tuks are a hugely popular mode of transport in many developing countries, we will provide the vehicle not just for today, or for tomorrow, but the blueprint for forever. This is consequently the sustainable solution that will see the future of transport redesigned and redefined for a better tomorrow.

Nothing like the rEVolution.

The eTukTuks themselves, are built with roll cages – a much safer version of the often ‘soft-top’ alternatives that are widely used, today. Cost-effective to maintain and recharge, our electric tuk-tuks will be a fairer way for drivers to earn a better wage. This, therefore, allows more time to earn money currently spent in huge queues for minuscule amounts of fuel to just get by. Of course, they will also be cleaner – emitting zero carbon emissions.

We are also charging ahead on the sharing economy – financial EVolution at its finest. If we want things done, we must do them together. With our solution powered by blockchain, we finally can achieve the previously unachievable in developing countries.

There are currently no proper measures like ours put in place to address the carbon emissions and noise of three-wheeler vehicles, like TukTuks, which have a reputation for being major contributors to pollution in many countries.

So, be part of the eTukTuk rEVolution, and help developing countries drive carbon emissions off the face of our planet, for good.

Become a Partner.

We are looking for partners in the public and private sector to place electric charging points across South Asia.

Contact us at [email protected]

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